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Guiding the Child's Education and Development
Sacramento Montessori School is closed through March 29, out of an abundance of caution - not due to any confirmed case of the virus; families will notice renovations taking place during the closure, and should know the teachers are continuing to keep the materials and classrooms clean and sanitized preventing possible exposure from contractors.
Programs We Offer:
image Infant/Toddler Program

The Infant Community is designed for babies and for those who are comfortably walking.

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image EarlyChildhood Program

Children who are between the ages of three to six years of age enjoy the work of the Children's House.

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image KindergartenProgram

Our Kindergarten Program prepares the young child for entry into first grade with many reading at the second grade level when they leave.

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image CulturalSubjects

The Cultural Subjects in a Montessori classroom include Botany, Zoology, other Sciences, History, Art, and Music. Suzuki violin is offered at our School as part of Cultural Subjects.

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About Us

What is Montessori?
thumb imageFounder of the educational philosophy which still bears her name today, Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952), was the first woman ever granted a degree by an Italian university. Through her extensive work with children as a medical doctor, she became interested in the effects of educational concepts on the total development of the child. Her comprehensive research resulted in a concept of the “whole child” education through the use of self-correcting, manipulative materials.

Why Montessori?
thumb imageMontessori principles and materials have been incorporated into schools of many types and levels from infancy through college courses, yet Montessori is a separate, unique educational experience for the young child. Children in the Montessori class work in a carefully prepared environment that stimulates learning and discovery in a happy, independent manner. Following his or her own time clock, each child can progress as rapidly as individual ability allows. The Montessori philosophy provides a success-oriented environment that truly facilitates and inspires learning.

Our Goals

  • Allow your child to learn at his/her own level of interest.
  • Encourage learning through the use of all the senses.
  • Develop gross and fine motor coordination.
  • Develop independence in self-care.
  • Lengthen concentration span.
  • Further develop problem-solving techniques and decision-making abilities.
  • Provide materials which focus on one concept at a time in a sequence of increasing difficulty.
  • Encourage internal order through a prepared environment.
  • Nurture a love of learning.
  • Provide information and support for families to share the best of a child’s exciting developmental years.

Daily Schedule
Within a flexible time schedule, the three-hour morning and afternoon class days are scheduled as follows:

  • Self-directed activity times throughout the day
  • Free expression outdoors
  • Group activity promoting socialization
  • A nutritious snack during the morning work time as well as the afternoon portion of the day
  • Creative, healthful meals.

Each staff member infuses our school environment with dedication and enthusiasm. As mentors and guides to your child, our staff encourages sharing and cooperation as each facilitator also supports individual expression. We promote the concepts of positive discipline by verbal reasoning and conflict resolution in contrast to physical conflict resolution. Dr. Montessori believed that by role-modeling positive behaviors and tasks within a consistent, well planned program and a prepared environment, children would develop responsibility as well as a desire to work and play in a cooperative manner with others.