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Faculty and Staff

Saira Singh

The Montessori Teacher (facilitator) observes and participates in all classroom activities. Head teachers are certified through an accredited Montessori teacher preparatory college program and/or hold an Associate and/or Bachelor of Arts in an educational related field of study. The assistant teachers have knowledge and/or background in early childhood education as well as experience in working with children. The head teacher, in unison with the site director, supervises staff positions to ensure the safety and well being of your child and his/her quality educational experience.

Each staff member infuses our school environment with dedication and enthusiasm. As mentors and guides to your child, our staff encourages sharing and cooperation as each facilitator also supports individual expression. We promote the concepts of positive discipline by verbal reasoning and conflict resolution in contrast to physical conflict resolution. Dr. Montessori believed that by role-modeling positive behaviors and tasks within a consistent, well planned program and a prepared environment, children would develop responsibility as well as a desire to work and play in a cooperative manner with others.

Our Faculty and Staff

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