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Yoga Program

At Sacramento Montessori School, we care deeply about the physical and emotional development of your child, and we’ve turned our commitment into action.

On Tuesday, we offer Yoga classes in every classroom, including the infant room. And you don’t pay a dime more in tuition!

Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire Eunice Lycke has graced and gifted our program with her knowledge and unparallel enthusiasm. And Eunice has created a new heritage of Yoga at SMS by training six (6) of our teachers during a recent summer retreat at her cabin in Lake Tahoe. Amid the striking elements of nature, Eunice developed our own Yoga teaching enthusiasts who now add Yoga traditions and exercises to our children’s daily routine.

Here at Sacramento Montessori School, we believe we are developing lifelong habits of health and stress reduction, and Eunice’s spunky attitude and physical agility attest to the merits of a Yoga-centered lifestyle. Just think: Yoga could become a part of your family’s tradition, too!

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